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We believe prevention is better than cure. Nowhere is this more relevant than in liver health. With 1 in 3 people affected by poor liver health and no treatment in sight, it is now a pressing societal concern. 

We believe that small steps can make a difference.  Working with liver health charities, we are raising awareness and introducing everyday products that improve liver health.

LivOn!, Our range of antioxidant coffee have been specifically designed to reduce the risks of developing a fatty liver - a major cause of liver disease. 5% of every sale donated to liver research

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Rise in Liver Disease related deaths in the past decade in the UK.

Cost to NHS every year to treat liver related illnesses.

Number of people suffering from Liver disease globally. This is 8.8% of world population and rising every year. 

Population estimated to be affected by the non-alcoholic fatty liver in the UK. 


1 in 3





2nd most common cause of death amongst middle aged UK men. 

5th leading cause of death in the UK. step at a time

When faced with adversity, our indomitable human spirit can find solutions for society’s toughest problems. At Liver Health UK we believe that people who come together with a purpose can achieve anything, just by taking one step at a time.


That’s why we’re inviting you to join us to beat the liver disease. This debilitating condition now affects 650 million people across the world. Although alcohol is widely believed to be the major cause of liver disease, research has shown that only one-third of sufferers are affected due to excessive alcohol consumption. The rest are simply victims of our 21st-century lifestyle.  In the UK today, 1 in 3 of us is estimated to be living with non-alcoholic fatty liver: a condition that, if left untreated, can develop into chronic liver disease.


Let's do something about this now.


Liver Health UK's range of antioxidant coffees is designed to help you maintain the healthy, balanced lifestyle that is vital in preventing a fatty liver. Our first small but significant step in the fight against this condition is to contribute 5% of every sale to research projects working to find a cure. We believe that through innovation, collective action and a will to succeed, we can find a way to end the liver disease.

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