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We Can’t Do This On Our Own.

With so many people affected by liver disease, there’s a crying need for more research both to find a cure and also to provide care for those who are already struggling with the condition. We can’t fight this battle on our own. That’s why we’ve teamed up with two existing charities, The Liver Group Charity and Liver4Life.

The Liver Group Charity Logo

For the past twenty years, The Liver Group Charity has dedicated itself to relieving the symptoms of patients suffering from disease of the liver and genetic defects affecting the liver.


Right now, they are focusing their scientific efforts on developing a Bio-Artificial Liver Machine – something that in the future will become as important to the treatment of liver disease as kidney dialysis is to those with liver failure.

Liver4Life Logo

Liver4Life is a new charity, dedicated to supporting liver patients in the UK. They offer support and education as well campaigning on behalf of people with a liver condition, to improve their care, their treatment and their support services. They recognize the importance of preventing liver disease and early detection of a liver condition and liver cancer in this country.

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