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What Can We Do To Improve Our Own Liver Health?

Our ‘on-the-go’ 21st century lifestyle isn’t particularly conducive to good liver health. We lead stressful lives and can easily fall into bad habits. However, the good news is that simple lifestyle adjustments could make a significant difference to your liver health. 

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For tips and hints that can help you adjust your own lifestyle, why not check out our blog. From finding out how important your five a day are to learning a bit more about the science around liver health, you’ll always find plenty to keep you interested in the subject.

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There is helpful stuff in our Tools section. Like our Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator. Staying a healthy weight is absolutely essential if you want a healthy liver. Knowing your own BMI is an excellent way of finding out whether you’re the ideal, healthy weight for your height.

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We have partnered with The Doctors Laboratory to bring you an In-home liver testing kit. Our simple kits carry detailed instructions to make sure your results are accurate. Kits will be provided at cost. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in ordering a kit for yourself. 

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